FINAL Pre-Event Notes 2019


I look forward to seeing you all very soon. The snow here is obviously not as good as last year but still plenty of it and it is being topped up every night. It is still three weeks until the Races and more snow is forecast during this time.

PLEASE read the following carefully and pass the information to all the teachers and parents involved. Most of this has already been sent but there are some new points!

Members of the Organising Committee will always be on hand to give you any help and information. They will be wearing blue shell jackets on the piste and pink rugby shirts and gilets in the Auditorium. Please remember all the organisers are volunteers and have given up their time to come to Flaine to make the event a success.


A big ‘thank you’ to everyone who has already submitted their forms. For those who have still to do so, please make sure you send your forms if possible well before the deadlines as it is a great help.

Friday 11th January – TEAM DETAILS FORM

Please check the dates of birth carefully as I have been given some that are not the same as those given last year also some girls seem to have been born in 2018!

Friday 11th January – at the latest TRAINING, PASSES and EXTRA T SHIRT FORM

These forms are on the website Click on the ‘Entry’ tab then on the dropdown menu you will see the forms that need to be completed. PLEASE REMEMBER payment must be made by this date also!

Saturday 26th Jan- ATHLETES DECLARATIONS (see downloads)

Sunday 27th Jan – TEAM ORDER FORM (see downloads) The form will also be in Welcome Pack envelope and must be handed in on Sunday 27th by 15.30 at the latest.

(A message from LSC President – Pene Cairns)

2019 is the 60th Anniversary of the British Schoolgirls Races run by The Ladies’ Ski Club and first held in Villars in 1959. The Ladies Ski Club, founded in 1923, is primarily a Club of members supporting young ski racing girls See for details.

To mark the occasion, many members of the Ladies Ski Club, many of whom have been previously involved in the races, are having a week’s holiday in Flaine.  They, with partners and friends, are arranging social skiing, and various informal events but especially a celebration dinner on Wednesday 30th at Chalet Michet.  If any of your group are staying on after the races the Ladies Ski Club would be delighted for you to join in. Please email

The Ladies Ski Club are introducing a new category of Associate Membership for the girls and will be at the bottom of the piste, and in the auditorium able to give you details.  Obviously, membership is also open to all female teachers and parents to join in supporting young (female) racing skiers.  See for details.

Please make sure you have read the BSR Rules (see website) and are sure your racers are eligible. Remember ages are based on Calendar Years NOT School Year. i.e. it is age on 1st January 2019.
Every Head Teacher will be asked for confirmation of the eligibility of the girls entered.
The final team, including team order, can, as previous years be changed up to 15.30 on Sunday 27th January 2019.
Reserves may compete in the parallel slalom and as a substitute in cases of injury or illness confirmed by a doctor. Their names must be submitted on the team order form and must adhere to the same eligibility criteria as the racers

NB Any team not submitting a form by this time will be assumed to be racing in the same order as the team entry form.

Please read the rules carefully but just a reminder. According to British Competition Rules U14 are competing in two ‘one run’ races while U16 and U18 compete in one ‘two run’ race. This means that if an U16 or U18 does not finish the first race or is disqualified they cannot take part in the second run. Depending on time available we may allow every racer to do two runs in both disciplines. However, for any U16 or U18 who did not complete the first run the second run result will not count.

Parallel Slalom:-This year in case of bad weather, or lack of time we reserve the right to only allow the A teams to run in this event. However, the teams can be made up of any three girls who were named on the team order form either as competitors or reserves.

This will be sent out for checking on Monday 14th Jan when hopefully I will have all the information! It will also be available at the Welcome Desk and at the Team Captains Meeting. It MUST be checked and signed to confirm that all the information, especially year of birth, is correct. There have been some errors in the past.

These forms are available on the BSR website and must be completed by Saturday 26th Jan for every competitor who is not already registered as a racer with BSS. These must be signed by a parent (or teacher ‘in loco parentis’). Please email these to the Race Office ( ASAP or hand them in at registration. Without this a girl will not be permitted to race.

For those who have booked Saturday training please meet me at 09.30 outside the ESF in Flaine Forum ready to ski. The ESF is situated at the bottom of the residence Alderbaron on the way to the Cable Car. I will bring the ski passes for any group who has not been able to collect them. Please ensure that all the girls in your group are on time.

For Sunday training TEAMS should meet outside the ESF by 09.00 am ready to ski, again making sure ALL the girls in your group are present -further information re groups will be in your welcome pack. Teachers and parents are NOT allowed to accompany the girls during training. Please do not ask if you can go with them.

These must be ordered by 11th Jan. They are ‘hands free’ and do not require a photograph. We pay a deposit for the passes so PLEASE remember to return them after the event, if possible, at prize-giving. We lose about 40 a year which is costly.

All racers require passes for race days. Passes must be carried always and anyone needing access to the race piste (including and trainers and gatekeepers) must also have a pass.

Teachers and parents may also take advantage of the discounted prices but please note these are for Flaine only and not valid for the whole Grand Massif area.

Simond Sport in Flaine are again offering us a good discount on ski, boot and helmet hire. With so many racers we find that skis often get muddled, so it is a good idea to mark skis with School/Racer name – use black marker on white tape.
If you have not already done so, please complete the order form (on the website) and email it to Sophie Simond this will enable her to allocate the correct skis for your racers. The skis will be available from the shop in Flaine Forum, it is near the race piste in case you need anything changed or altered. The shop will open until 19.30 on Friday, from 08.00 to 20.00 on Saturday and Sunday and will open at 07.30 on Monday and Tuesday.

For parents and teachers staying in Flaine Forêt, we recommend using Flaine Sport (to the left of Residence de la Forêt) for all your skis and other needs.

The regulations regarding ski lengths etc have been removed for all competitions except National Championships, girls should ski on skis that are suitable for their height, weight and ability.

It is mandatory for all competitors to wear a helmet for all races, including the parallel slalom and during course inspection which is an integral part of each race. Please see details of the specification for helmets on our website. Add on items such as camera mounts stuck onto the surface of the helmet are not permitted. HARD SHELL must cover head and ears, except for slalom in which soft protection over the ears is allowed. Sunglasses must not be worn during racing. Woolly hats etc. must not be worn under helmets. Helmets will be checked. There are no hard-shell helmets available to hire in Flaine. It is important that helmets are well fitting and the practice of passing a helmet from one racer to the next is not recommended.


Although it is not mandatory, it is recommended that girls wear back protectors while racing especially for GS. However, these back protectors must be correctly fitted.

As with people involved in all sports, we are very worried about the effects of concussion and at the advice of the event doctor we have decided to adopt the same head injury assessment that World rugby uses, which is the Gold Standard for head injury and means that both doctors and competitors know what to expect. (See the Headcase guidance on the RFU website)

Many athletes, including those in the Alpine Snowsport England Development Squad now undertake baseline SCAT testing which is used to compare with any future head injury assessment, and therefore makes testing in the event of an injury much more informative and useful. Our Doctor Judith Shelley is willing to offer this test especially to girls who ski at a high level or compete in any sport where head injuries are part of the injury pattern. The test takes about 10 minutes and would take place on Sunday afternoon, but booking is essential. Please email me at if you are interested.

ALL teams are expected to provide at least one gatekeeper (2 if you have two teams) for either the Slalom or Giant Slalom races. A list of teams and their duty day will be available at registration on Saturday. This will show the name of the Team Captain who will be responsible for doing the duty or for nominating a substitute. All gatekeepers must attend the Team Captains/Racers’ Briefing, which will be held in the Auditorium on Sunday 27th at 17.30 where instruction for gate keepers will be given.

As many of you are new to ski racing, details of ‘the role of the gate keeper’ can be found on our website. Please download this (download HERE) before the event so you will have time to digest the information and raise any queries with the Chief Gatekeeper
Please note the insurance cover required (see below)

On Saturday 26th January a ‘Welcome Desk’, will be situated in the Reception Area of Résidence de la Forêt (Pierre et Vacances) Flaine Forêt. Please come to register asap. Ski passes and information packs will be available also T shirts and ‘goodies’. The desk will be manned from 08.00 to 18.00. It is helpful if schools let us know their ETA in Flaine beforehand so we can man the desk efficiently. Please email expected arrival time in Flaine and accommodation details to If you are arriving on Friday or after 18.00 on Saturday please let me know beforehand and I will arrange for you to collect your pack etc.

We are very aware that some teachers and parents are coming for the first time and perhaps do not know anyone and are therefore reluctant to ski on their own while the girls are training on Sunday. We have some very experienced skiers who know Flaine and are very happy to show people around the pistes and explain where racing will be taking place. Please email me in advance the names of anyone who would like to take advantage of this offer.

Also, for those schools and teachers new to the event who have questions which are not about the actual races Sue Jenkins who brought a team to the races for many years is very happy to answer your queries, she will be at the races but also can be contacted by email.

Apartment 32 Belier B3 in Flaine Forêt Belier is opposite Résidence de la Forêt (P & V)
(Turn right from the ‘Ascenseur / Red Devil) middle bridge, left hand flat on top floor

Office Hours: Friday 25th Jan 17.00 to 18.30
Sunday 27th Jan 15.00 -17.00 NB Team Captains Meeting at 17.30 (Auditorium)
Monday 28th Jan and Tuesday 29th Jan 16.00 to 17.00 NB Prizegiving 17.30

Please follow the British Schoolgirls Races twitter feed which will let you know when the results are online each day - plus any other important information from the event.

The results will be posted on the website - as soon as they are available

This will be held on Sunday 27th January at 17.30 in the Auditorium, Flaine Forêt. All racers, team captains and gate keepers must attend. The ‘draw’ for both Giant Slalom and Slalom starting order will be announced.

Following these meetings NIMROD CAPITAL and ERNA LOW invite everyone to have a drink in the Foyer of the Auditorium. Directions and details will be in your welcome pack

This will be held on Tuesday 29th Jan at 17.30 at the Auditorium. This is an integral part of the event and all teams are expected to attend. Please give yourselves plenty of time to get there. A film of the races will be shown and there will be a prize draw, followed by a Drinks Reception again kindly hosted by NIMROD CAPITAL and ERNA LOW.


Yoann and his colleagues from Photozoom have been photographing the races for many years but sadly people are not buying the pictures, and some are even downloading them from his website for free. As a result, Yoann may not be attending the races this year, if this is the case, we will try to organise some photographs especially of prize-giving.

However please remember that parents and teachers MUST NOT access the race piste to take photographs during the races as this is a potential safety risk.

If any competitor does not consent to the use or publication of their images for publicity purposes they should complete an Opt-Out form and return it to me. (see downloads)

Please make sure you read our CPP. You can download a copy from Sarah Richardson our Child Protection Officer should be the first point of contact and will be in Flaine.

We recommend that everyone carries the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) Please note this does not replace travel and ski insurance. It will not get you off the mountain or repatriated. It may however cover part of your medical expenses in the EC. Lost baggage and personal effects are not covered by it. PLEASE check to see that your card is in date.

Please make sure all the racers/non-racers have the correct insurance cover including the days of outward and homeward travel. MPI one of our sponsors has offered insurance at a special rate for all those coming to the races. If you have not already arranged this there is still time. Please see details of insurance on the ‘how to enter’ area of the website.

Please make sure that each competitor has a printed copy of her insurance policy with her travel documents. If someone has an accident, you may not be able to print it out in Flaine.

Michael Pettifer from MPI will be in Flaine so will be able to assist if there are any problems. Please note that anyone acting as a gate-keeper should have full ski insurance including cover for acting as a race official.
The Skiclub also offer ski insurance.

Under the revised British Competition Rules (and the International Competition Rules published by the International Ski Federation) all coaches entering the race piste at any time must fill in an accreditation form and be accredited by the organising committee. Those acting as gate judges will be automatically accredited for that race.

Le Pre, which is beside the DMC, has a varied menu and offers a 15% discount to those involved in the races. Special discount cards will be given in the welcome packs. These can also be used in Le Desert Blanc at the top of the DMC.
The Race Secretary Sarah Richardson and other members of the organising Committee will be in Le Pre from 12.00 on Sunday 27th, they will be available to answer questions and to collect team order sheets, athletes’ declarations etc.
The trainers will be asked to stagger lunch time for the groups so they can be served quickly.

There are very strict laws in France regarding under-age drinking.
All young people will be asked for ‘proof of age’ but party leaders MUST make sure that no one in their party under 18 attempts to buy or is bought an alcoholic drink.

Please do not ski off-piste without a guide. Flaine has many pot-holes which are unmarked and very dangerous if there is not a good covering of snow. Please refer to the exclusions in your insurance policy. The Committee of the BSR cannot be held responsible for any accident or injury


We have again arranged for Chalet Bissac to open specially for dinner after the Prize-giving on Tuesday 29th January.

It is a lovely traditional Chalet with an open fire situated on the piste a few minutes’ walk from Les Terrasses de Veret. (No worries about the Red Devil breaking down!)

They are offering a meat fondue with french fries and salad plus a desert and a half bottle of wine (or soft drinks) for €38 a head. There is a vegetarian option which must be ordered at the time of booking

This is really good value in a lovely setting so if you are interested please email Sabrina at  by Monday 21st January to make a booking. Let her have your menu choices and numbers – plus the School Name.  She is not asking for a deposit but she is preparing the food especially, so you must turn up if you have booked.

Incline - Beyond X -are once again giving a fantastic prize – again this year they are offering a cat suit to be specially designed by the winning girl and discounted suits to the rest of the team. If you are interested in being considered for this prize please contact me or enter your school name on the list at the Welcome Desk.

We are extremely lucky to have so many generous Sponsors and Supporters who give us donations, prizes and gifts for our ‘Goody bags’. They also provide hot chocolate and croissants for the racers and hot wine for spectators at the bottom of the race piste! They are all on our website, please click on their logos to find out more about them and see if you can support them, to show your thanks for them supporting us.

Some of our major sponsors will be attending the event, Chelski - JDX - MPI and new this year, Vision in Education, will all be there and maybe some others. Please try to meet them at the receptions and find out about their companies.

Please see downloads

IMPORTANT - IN CASE OF EMERGENCY DIAL 112 (equivalent to 999 in UK)

Anne Taylor Chief of Championships