Event Guidance Notes 2019


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If you are new to the resort please don't forget to look at our resort plan which shows the main areas we use in the resort. Click here to see that page.

If you are planning to enter the British Schoolgirls Races 2019 for the first time, or have entered but not been before it must seem very daunting! I hope that some of the details below will answer some of your questions.


Getting to Flaine: Most schools fly into Geneva using BA, Easyjet or Swiss. Flaine is just over an hour from Geneva by road and we have an arrangement with a transfer company ‘Go Massif’ who offer favourable rates to anyone attending the event. You can access their rates here.

The Resort: Flaine is a small, purpose built resort, constructed into the mountains on three levels. The main level is Flaine Forum.This houses most of the shops, and restaurants, the bank, post office and tourist office. There are three Club Hotels on this level plus a newly refurbished hotel and various apartment blocks. From here there are two free lifts (Red Devils) which travel on demand to Flaine Forêt on the higher level. Flaine Forêt houses The Auditorium, where we have the team captains’ meeting and prize-giving, also a small shopping centre containing a supermarket, small butcher section, bakery, delicatessen and a pub/restaurant. All accommodation in Flaine Forêt is in apartment blocks, this is where most teams stay. The lowest level is Flaine Font de Neige which is a short walk down-hill from Flaine Forum (but a longer walk up!) Again, all the accommodation is in apartment blocks but this area does tend to be considerably cheaper than the other levels as it is a walk away from the main resort. There is also accommodation in Monsoleil Residences Eos and Helios, found on the road before reaching Flaine Forêt. There is some transport from here but often difficult early morning and in the evening. The Hameau is an area at the top of the mountain on the approach to Flaine, it consists of individual Chalets and larger chalet style apartment blocks and residence Dormio. Your will need your own transport if you book here as the hours for the Shuttle bus are not early enough to get to the race piste on time.

Accommodation: Most schools now prefer to stay in apartments and if you haven’t already booked, Richard Crowley of Erna Low (tel 0845-8630525) richard.crowley@ernalow.co.uk should be able to help you. The majority of the teams stay in Les Terrasses de Veret (with indoor pool) or Residence de la Forêt (Pierre et Vacances) in Flaine Forêt. These are both three stars and have reception desks manned for part of the day and evening. The hotels in Flaine Forum are mainly Club Hotels so prices include all meals, ski hire, ski lessons, lift passes etc. Villages Clubs du Soleil (Hotel Aujon) and MMV Le Flaine will take bookings for a few days if they have availability but only a week or so before the races. Opened in 2017 Hotel Terminal de Neige takes bookings by the day. Also available are apartments in recently opened Centaure in Flaine Forum, Pleiades in Forêt, and Les Terrasses d’Eos and Helios which are five star but out of the resort as is the four star Dormio Resort Residence in Hameau. Please ask Richard for details. Accommodation rates.

Transfers. Click here for transfer rates
To get the cheaper rates please email ‘go massif’ at  info@gomassif.com to get a link, which you will need to book, mentioning BSR or if there is a problem email Anne at bsr@ladiesskiclub.org who will send you a link.

Ski & Boot Hire: There are many ski hire shops in the resort but we recommend racers use Simond Sport in Flaine Forum which is very near the race pistes and therefore convenient if equipment needs to be changed. They stock good racing skis and give a special rate to our competitors. Sophie Simond is an ex-French ski champion, with racing children, so she can give useful advice. It is essential to pre-book your equipment to save time on arrival and ensure she has the correct skis in stock. A booking form is available on the BSR website Her contact is sm@simond-sports.com) and the website is www.flainesimondsports.net..

Simond Sport will stay open late on Saturday evening and open early on Sunday through to Tuesday for our racers. For adults staying in Flaine Forêt we recommend Flaine Sport (in the same building as Pierre et Vacances) who are all English speaking and will give you excellent friendly service.

Helmets: The girls must wear helmets for all training and races, including the parallel slalom and during course inspection as it is an integral part of each race. Helmets must conform to a Competition Standard. ‘Soft Ear’ helmets can be worn for Slalom races but hard shell helmets are mandatory for Giant Slalom. NO Cameras, camera mountings or stickers other than those of manufacturer are allowed on helmets. The regulations for helmets are strict and anyone not wearing the correct helmet will not be permitted to race. Please see the latest Guide to helmets on www.britishschoolgirlsraces.co.uk
Simond Sports and the other Flaine ski shops do not have any racing helmets for hire.
it is recommended that girls bring the correct helmets with them. A well-fitting helmet is essential and passing helmets between team members is not a safe practice. Ski Bartlett, one of our supporters, have reasonably priced racing helmets for sale. Please contact them www.skibartlett.com Tel. 020 8848 0040 mention that you are attending the races.

Ski Clothing: It is not necessary for the racers to have cat suits! Some girls, who are registered racers, have their own but these are expensive as they are made of special material and have padding in all the correct places. Wearing cat suits which do not conform to the British skiing standard is dangerous. Most girls ski in salopettes, with a hoody or sweat shirt on top. One of our sponsors ‘Beyond X- Impulse’ offers a prize of a free specially designed race suit plus discounted suits for the rest of the team. Schools must ask to be considered for this prize before the event. Most teams have some form of ‘team uniform’ usually hoodies. We purchase our T shirts from `Edward Sinclair and he will be happy to provide any printed hoodies etc. www.edwardsinclair.com

The girls will also need good waterproof gloves, goggles and some suitable waterproof footwear for walking around the resort. Our sponsors Ski Bartlett www.skibartlett.com, Filarinski (Rinski) www.filarinskis.com; Snow and Rock www.snowandrock.com and Cotswold www.cotswoldoutdoor.com all supply suitable items at a reasonable price which can be ordered on line, mention BSR to get a discount.

Skis: Unless your girls are experienced racers using one pair of skis for both disciplines will be adequate. These must be Giant Slalom skis, Slalom skis should not be used for GS. Sophie Simond will advise on type and length. The ski length regulations have been relaxed for 2019.

Lift Passes: These can be pre-booked through us to obtain a special rate. They are for Flaine only. Anyone accompanying racers can also buy these passes.

The Welcome Desk: will again be situated in the Residence de la Forêt. This is in Flaine Forêt, see map of resort on the website. It will be manned from 8.00 on Saturday morning and we will be able to answer all your questions. You will be able to collect your Welcome Packs which include the programme, details of training, your ski passes, T-shirts for the team and various other pieces of information. Anyone arriving before Saturday can let me know and I will try to arrange for them to collect their welcome packs.

The Race Office: will be situated in Flaine Forêt, Residence Belier 32B3. This is opposite Residence de la Forêt and is the second bridge after turning right out of the main ‘Red Devil’ from Flaine Forum. Details of opening hours etc will be given later


Training: We organise training for our competitors using instructors from the French Ski School (ESF) who are experienced in race training. We aim to make groups of six or seven racers per instructor and also try to put teams of similar ages and skiing experience together. The trainers usually start by free skiing around the resort to get girls warmed up and to ascertain their level. They then put up poles and do sessions on giant slalom and slalom so that racers have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the race pistes. There is a lunch break when Le Pre, (under the Cable Car) offer us special menus. The instructors stagger lunch time to prevent queuing. They will let you know the timing for lunch at the start of the day. Parents and teachers are then free to ski on their own; but must not ask instructors if they can accompany the group. Those taking training should meet outside the ESF in Flaine Forum at approx. 9.15 (time to be confirmed). Your whole group need to be ready to ski at this time especially if you are with another team. For anyone unfamiliar with the resort we can arrange for you to link up with people who know the area for skiing on Saturday and Sunday.

It is also possible for a group to hire an ESF instructor for the full duration of the event, ie training on Saturday and Sunday, looking after the girls, inspecting the course and putting them into the gates on the two race days.

Many schools bring more than three pupils and after the Sunday training the instructors can advise who should be in the team. All the girls should have been entered on the Team Entry Form and those not racing will be marked as ‘nominated reserves’. The team can consist of girls in age group year of birth1999/2006. There are team prizes but also individual prizes in age categories. Final ‘Team Order Forms’ which give the order in which the girls will race must be given into the Race Office at the latest by 3.30 pm on Sunday otherwise girls will race in the same order as the original Team entry form.

Please note that once a girl has been nominated on the ‘Team Order Form’ and a bib number has been allocated no substitutes are allowed unless a racer has been injured during the event and has been declared unable to race by a doctor. In this case one of the ‘nominated reserves’ can race.

Reserves can also be entered to race in the parallel slalom, but must have signed an athletes’ declaration.
Parallel teams are seeded from the first run of the Giant Slalom race but in the case of bad weather, or lack of time, we do reserve the right to limit the number of teams taking part in the parallel slalom, giving preference to A teams.

The Team Captains’ Meeting and Racers’ Briefing will take place at 17.30 on Sunday in the Auditorium. This is in Flaine Forêt and is opposite the Shopping Centre and Perdrix Noire restaurant. All team captains (adults) and all racers should attend this briefing. The team running order will be announced for both days. This will be the result of an electronic draw supervised by the Technical Delegate who will be appointed later in the year.

New racers will be given details of how to ski down the race track and the rules of racing will be explained. It is very important that all racers attend so they know what to do if they fall or go the wrong way during a race. The Sunday programme and a draft race programme are available on the website. The final program for the races will be available at this meeting.

Gate-Keepers’ Briefing: Gate Keepers will be asked to stay on for a briefing immediately after the above meeting. A draft rota of Gate Keepers will be available at Registration. It is a condition of entry that every team must produce at least one gate-keeper either on Monday or Tuesday. (Note: Schools with A and B teams must produce two gate keepers) The role of the gate keeper will be available to download from the website later . The briefing is for ALL gate-keepers, the role will be explained, highlighting any changes, the rota will be presented and any questions will be answered. During the races Gate-keepers are offered hot drinks and between the races they receive sandwich lunches.

The Reception: This will follow the meetings, courtesy of our sponsors Nimrod Capital and Erna Low


The Race Pistes: These are situated on pistes which end in the resort - non-skiers can easily reach them on
foot. Full details of programme and venue will be given on Sunday evening at the meeting.

Race Bibs: A list of bib numbers will be available on Sunday evening after the Team Captains Briefing, also on the website.

On race days, bibs can be collected at 8am from the finish hut at the bottom of the race piste. Competitors should know their bib numbers in order to collect their bibs. It is essential that all bibs are handed in at the bottom of the slope after racing each day.

The Races: The lifts are usually open at 8am. There is a course inspection, followed by the actual race which starts at approx. 9am. It is planned to have two Giant Slalom races on Monday. There is usually an hour’s break between first and second races to allow for the course to be changed. This gives time to give the racers some lunch. The nearest toilets are either at the Cable Car or by the Car Park –near the bottom of the Slalom Piste behind the Covagnes Café.

Hot chocolate (courtesy of JDX) and Croissants (courtesy of Chel-Ski) will be offered on piste.

During both race days – (British Competition Rule) if any racer in the Under 14 (date of birth 2005-2006) category fails to finish or is disqualified she is allowed to compete in the second run of that discipline. Anyone in the older Categories (date of birth from 2004 or earlier) who does not finish or is disqualified from the first race may be allowed to race but her score will not be counted.

After the second race the parallel slalom is set up and the team draw is displayed. This is the most exciting race of the event! Teams race against each other on two short parallel courses. This is a ‘knockout’ competition and teams are seeded on the results of their first run of the day so the two fastest teams should meet in the final! As previously mentioned we will allow substitutes for parallel slalom as long as the team names are submitted by Sunday at 3.30. If for any reason there is not enough time for a full Parallel Slalom, some teams may not be able to compete. Preference will be given to A teams. Hot wine will be served to spectators during this event courtesy of MPI insurance.

Results: Will be posted on the British Schoolgirls’ Races website as soon as possible.


The Races: Two races of Slalom will be run in a similar format to Monday and most probably be held on the same piste. Again hot chocolate and croissants will be offered.

The Prize-Giving: This is held in the auditorium in Flaine Forêt. There are a great many trophies for individuals and teams. However there is also a ‘draw’ thanks to our sponsors who give us great prizes so every racer has an equal opportunity to go home with something. All teams are expected to be present at this prize-giving.

Final Reception: After prize-giving we have a final reception, again sponsored by Nimrod Capital and Erna Low. Many of the instructors and people who have been working ‘on the hill’ join us for a drink and this is an opportunity to say your farewells.


Photographs: Yoann from Photozoom and his team will be on the piste taking photos of the racing. Yoann is based in a shop on the higher level of Flaine Forum Commercial Centre next to Agence Renard opposite the door to the Red Devil. He also intends to show his photos in the Auditorium during the receptions and will be able to take orders. The photos will also be available to purchase after the event from the website.

Accreditation: Racers, gate keepers and officials are allowed on the race piste. However, Coaches and trainers must apply for accreditation in order to accompany their team onto the race piste. Due to safety regulations no unauthorised persons are allowed on the side of the piste during races. There are very good views of the racing from the finish area.

Child Protection: Please note that each team MUST be accompanied by a minimum of 2 adults, one of whom must be female. One female adult must reside with the team, another must be nominated to take over in case of emergency. This is to comply with the requirements laid down by the British Ski and Snowboard (BSS) Child Safeguarding and Protection Policy. Any queries please contact Sarah Richardson, srpudding4@gmail.com.

The Organisers: We have a large team of organisers, all of whom are volunteers, all doing an important job both on and off the snow. They will be wearing the LSC pink ‘Macs’ on snow or pink shirts/fleeces/gilets at other times and will be happy to answer most of your questions.

Queries: I am aware that there are new schools this year and also new teachers/parents in charge of teams. If you have any queries please send me an email to bsr@ladiesskiclub.co.uk and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Anne Taylor

Chief of Championships